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We are a
water jet cutting workshop

that combines modern technology with
the desire to create beautiful pieces.

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About us

Transformation Eclipse Inc. is a water jet cutting workshop that combines modern technology with the desire to create beautiful pieces.

We are pioneers in the development of the water jet cutting industry with nearly 20 years of experience  and achievements using a variety of products and materials on the local and international market. We constantly do research and development in order to improve and discover new uses for this type of cutting which creates no heat, discoloration or material deformation during transformation, which really sets us apart from other cutting processes on the market. Our service is personalized, fast and professional. We are always ready to meet and execute your challenges and transformation projects thanks to  our water jet cutting expertise.

Our services

Floor covering with water jet cut inlaid patterns create unique design effects in a variety of products such as: linoleum, vinyl, rubber, ceramic, stone, marble, granite, metal,etc.

Corporate logos and signage
Corporate logos are representations of professional companies, it creates a public recognition as well as a sense of belonging for the employees.

Sport logos
Sport logos are the pride of teams and fans. They represent colleges and universities, amateur, professional and Olympic teams.

Public Art
The use of water jet cutting in public art is at the service of the creativity of artists by way of unique pieces, permanent objects or commemorative works of art. All cut from the finest noble materials such as stone, marble, granite, steel, aluminum and many others.

Serving Furniture
The use of our water jet cutting technology allows our creative designers to develop unique furniture concepts using a diverse array of materials such as quartz, brass, marble, stainless steel, mirror and many more, who will become works of art that will not be mass produced.

Serving Architecture
We are also at the service of the fields of architecture, industrial design, aerospace, automotive, urban planning and many more industrial fields because of the multitude of products and materials that can be cut by water jet.

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Contact Address

1400-E de Coulomb
Boucherville, Qc
J4B 7J4

Telephone / FAX

Telephone: (450) 641-8224
Fax: (450) 641-8242

Information and quotes

Gilbert Guevremont (450) 641-8224
Courriel: tei@transformationeclipse.com

Business hours

Monday : 8h to 16h
Tuesday : 8h to 16h
Wednesday : 8h to 16h
Thursday : 8h to 16h
Friday : 8h to 16h